Cooling Water Treatment


Cooling water can be for process and comfort and be either open or closed.  We treat all of these systems.


The three most likely problems associated with cooling water are:

  • Corrosion
  • Scale/deposits
  • Microbiological activity


Controlling these three factors is critical in order to maintain clean, efficient and safe systems for all types of cooling; from comfort cooling to critical industrial process cooling.  Corrosion will shorten the life of the equipment, Scale/deposits will decrease heat transfer and increase energy usage and unchecked microbiological activity will cause system blockages and potential health hazards.

Other considerations are:

  • Water Usage 
  • Heat Transfer Efficiency
  • pH Control 


Superior Water Management takes a full approach of looking and and managing your entire system, above and beyond what a typical water company would.  We provide the highest value to your system  and look at your efficiency with regards to water and energy.