Superior Water Management, Inc.

For over 20 years, Superior Water Management has been applying water technology and innovative water science to conserve energy and maximize energy efficiency.  Our primary service areas are the greater Chicagoland area, Rockford, Milwaukee and Northwest Indiana.  


We are an American Water Treaters Association (AWT) member who provides the best water treatment technologies available to prevent scale, corrosion, and to maximize biological control in your water system.  With the Superior Water Management solution, you can expect better water conservation and heat transfer efficiency at a highly competitive price.  Our process control equipment and treatment systems are engineered to match your company's needs for chemical dosage and blowdown to provide the best value in the water treatment industry.  


This website is meant to serve as a point of contact and explanation of most the services we provide.  For more details, or to speak to a live person please call 847-634-2501.  You can also email us 24/7.



Water Treatment For:




-Comfort Heating/Cooling

-Hot/Chilled Closed Systems

-Process Heating/Cooling